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Personal freedom and financial independence: surviving the new depression, asset protection trusts, estate tax and tax havens. One additional thing is as certain as death and taxes. As politicians and bureaucrats struggle with how to prevent the financial de-leveraging that is underway in the global economy, each and every strategy they attempt has failed and will fail to stem the tide of economic depression that is headed our way. Recently another asset protection device in trust form has gained popularity, the international asset protection trust. This foreign trust often appears to be attractive to persons wishing to shield personal assets from possible law suits or other potential liability. Estate taxes, partnerships and tax havens are discussed with particular emphasis on asset protection.

Your Freedom Download

Your freedom download consists of offshore stock trading and banking information. In particular, Dominica offers one of the best tax havens and offers offshore banking and asset protection in total secrecy. Dominica has some of the newest offshore legislation in the world and is more advanced than most other jurisdictions, technologically. Sector listings give you an instant fix on a company in relation to the market and other members of comparable groups. At a glance you will see how the prospective growth rate compares with the market and the sector. The specifics of offshore banking in Dubai are detailed. The various features of offshore online banking are highlighted.

Your Freedom

Exploring your freedom in terms of offshore banking and investments. Offshore banking interest rates are covered in detail, along with the misconceptions. The flexibility and advantages of the locations involved remain paramount. The various benefits of offshore banking on the internet are highlighted for their extra privacy, tax efficiency and asset protection. There are fewer restrictions and less regulation. The legitimate nature of offshore investment banking is discussed. A lot of people are now taking the time to research and are now finding the many benefits of the offshore world. The two particular jurisdictions of the Phillipines and Mauritius are discussed at length.

Prosperity Definition

Exploring the definition of prosperity, covering such aspects as retirement visas, offshore banking and investments. The issues pertaining to retirement visas in Panama are highlighted, along with the criteria for the various options. The benefits of the location and the relatively low costs involved, as well as the minimum financial requirements, highlight it as a prime spot to consider.  The facets of offshore banking are covered, including free offshore banking, getting in on offshore banking investments and the advantages involved as well as the legalities. Aspects covered include offshore services, offshore companies, trusts, investing and the various benefits of banking offshore.

Free Financial Advice

Free financial advice covering opening offshore accounts, income tax avoidance, tax havens, precious metals and avoiding scams. The important factors regarding the opening of offshore bank accounts are detailed, including 7 things to know before proceeding. The ultimate Ponzi scam is revealed, albeit one we may not like to acknowledge. The morality of avoiding tax is discussed with some startling conclusions. Gold is covered as the key to financial freedom and security. The differences betweens scams, gambling and investments are highlighted against the backdrop of the internet as a source of information. To summarise, some key financial elements to consider in the light of current events.

Freedom Definition

Exploring the definition of freedom, covering such aspects as dual citizenship, alternative passports, gold, freedom havens, taxation and offshore banking. Defining freedom in modern terms deals with striving to achieve freedom against the current constraints. Dual citizenship and second passports covers the need for a backup plan in the light of current turmoils. Purchasing gold deals with the perception of the metal as a hedge against inflation rather than a pure investment. A most unlikely freedom haven is revealed. A discussion of the legalities of offshore banking follows. All in all, some of the aspects defining the struggle for freedom in light of current events are brought to light – not always those the mainstream media would have you consider.